Can You Feel Miserable But Feel Loved?

I definitely believe that people can be miserable but feel loved. It could be raining and you may have had a bad day. Some power line went out and you have no WiFi at home. Some jerk cut you off and decided to rear end the car in front of you and caused a traffic jam that made you late to work.  But when your dog comes bounding out to greet you at your dingy apartment, you’d feel a steady rush of Oxytocin in your head and you can feel a growng warmth in your heart.

Despite bad circumstances and everything going downhill, the support of family and friend can always boost us up. Even in our darkest time, there is always humanity.

Despite the election and the rising hate crimes, there have been many acts of kindness of providing safe spaces for those who feel intimidated and threatened by the elections.

Despite misery, there is love. As a result I feel like love and misery acts as polar opposites; misery acts in a cycle that makes one feel “down” and love can make one feel “up.” Working together, they amplify the positive response- which allows love and misery to coexist.



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