How is Lemonade Related to Selflessness?

Every time I open up my news app on my laptop, I’m flooded by the never-ending static of the latest victim of Wikileaks, what’s at stake for Congress and the Supreme Court, and the impending US presidential election between a reality TV star who doubles as an orange, racist, sexist Cheetos and a politician plagued by an email scandal. Because the majority of new stations report large scale and often chaotic events, we miss the small wonderful things like a liver donor saving and marrying his wife and a hairless hamster being adopted that show the beauty of humanity. Today, the article “Lemonade Stand Sends Loving Relief to Burma” popped on my feed, in which a young girl personifies selflessness as she identifies and feeds a need.

Molly Long raised more than $40 in selling lemonade to help the children in Burma, where a cyclone had just hit. While she could have bought her earrings through the proceeds of her lemonade stand, “she didn’t even consider running the stand for her own gains.” Though the cyclone news had made her “visibly upset,” she fueled her determination into her lemonade stand and donated to Avaaz, a global activist network.While she may have been young, she was kind and selfless, all honorable qualities. Despite her age, she strove to make a difference by helping those in Burma through donations when she could have used the money for a personal purpose.

Reading this article made me feel warm because it’s comforting that good things happen even though we don’t necessarily hear it. Constant bombardment of global issues are informative, but sometimes, it makes you despair because of how little you can seemingly do. Despite this, always remember to “stay soft, it looks good on you.” Even though there are hardships in the world, we can always make a change, despite our age, despite our gender, despite every confining label- by reaching out to those who have a need and filling it.





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