When I am not utterly consumed by the stress of school and the abundance of homework, I enjoy reading, eating, traveling, and Netflix-ing.

Just over this summer, Netflix released Stranger Things, a show that revolved around a sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana during the 80’s. When two people go missing and a murder is ruled as suicide, Chief Jim Hopper begins to suspect something is up. I really loved how the filmography was very similar to the production of 80’s films and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters; even someone as insignificant as Barb, who disappeared at the second episode, was hailed as a relatable, savage queen. Personally, I felt like Dustin, the third wheeler of Mike and Lucas’ bromance, was someone who was completely underrated through the season. Not only is he realistic- because who’s kidding, if you plan to find your friend on a journey, you definitely want to bring food- he is also able to solve conflicts within the group, acting as a rational mediator when the time arrives. He’s also pretty logical when it comes to compasses and he makes the best jokes. Everyone in Strangers Things is very relatable and the plot moves quickly without ending with unnecessary dramas or plot holes or cliffhangers.


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